Energy balance within you.

BIE Philosphy

Life force energy, or Bio-energy, fills every cell within the human body. Energy controls every metabolic process, including biochemical changes that occur within the cells. It controls the utilization of nutritional substances and the functioning of all body systems. All cells are capable of receiving a countless number of vibrational frequencies that are stored within the cytoplasm of each cell. Hydrogen and oxygen hold the electromagnetic charges and the cellular memory is processed within the DNA of each cell.

What is BIE

BIE is a simple new natural modality that uses a state-of-the-art instrument called the GSR-120 unit that is used to direct energy onto various acupuncture points on the body to help create a homeopathic state, and therefore alleviate suffering.
By promoting one’s own ability to achieve homeostasis without the use of needles and drugs, BIE has been found to be an incredibly effective and painless way to help the body alleviate many symptoms.



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